Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When should I replace my roof?

As per the opinions of the majority of roofing professionals, a regular roof is expected to function effectively for approximately 20-25 years, with the extent of durability being dependent on the initial installation and subsequent maintenance. In case your roof has surpassed its estimated lifespan or has been subjected to severe deterioration, you must make arrangements to have it replaced to prevent any harm to the interior of your residence.

To excel as a roofer, what particular set of abilities is required?

To become a roofer, several essential qualities are required. The first and foremost is the ability to work at great heights, which is a must-have trait. Additionally, roofers need to have keen attention to detail, as they need to match design patterns while installing roofing materials. Good balance is another important attribute that roofers must possess, along with manual dexterity and adequate math skills. Physical stamina and strength are also essential to complete the demanding work of a roofer.